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Nerd Lunch Podcast 64: Ninja Day


It's the holiday season and Nerd Lunch is celebrating the often overlooked holiday of "Day of the Ninja." To celebrate, Pax takes over the hosting reigns and in tandem with our Fourth Chair guest, Jaimie from Shezcrafti.com, we discuss the 1984 ninja classic, Ninja III: The Domination starring Sho Kosugi and Lucinda Dickey. Expect discussions on the supernatural nature of 1980s ninjas, old shaolin temples on the outskirts of Los Angeles, the ridiculous Bigfoot body hair of the male lead and, of course, V8. We also spend more time than we should talking about Mr. Ochmonek from Alf (again). This week's Nerd-to-Dos include even more mentions of Bond, Halo 4, Ninja Sex Party and 4Rivers Barbeque.

For those who have never seen Ninja III, it is currently on YouTube. Until it's pulled, you can watch it here:

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