Mezzo Mix CanTo wash down my döner kebab lunch when I was in Germany, I chose another local specialty:  Mezzo Mix. Mezzo Mix is the Coca-Cola branded version of Spezi which is described as a mix of cola and orange soda. Based on that description and what I heard from Pax and Shawn on Episode 19 of our podcast, I expected a suicide style mix of orange soda and cola. However, Mezzo Mix reminded me more of Coca-Cola with Lime featuring an artificial tasting citrus flavor layered on top of Coke. It wasn’t terrible, but I’d just a soon have a regular Coke.


I haven’t tried it, but the closest thing to Mezzo Mix in the US right now may be the Orange Coke you can get out of a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine. Any intrepid Freestyle explorers care to report whether the Freestyle produces an orange flavored Coke or actual Coke-Fanta suicide?


Jeeg and Pax welcome a tag team of guests, Atomic Geek Mike Downs and Jay from The Sexy Armpit, for a no holds barred conversation about WrestleMania. We cover our favorite matches, celebrity appearances, commentating team, and more. In the words of Gorilla Monsoon, "It's a donnybrook!". Our Nerd To-Dos this week include Mötley Crüe and a motley crew of KISS, Mr. Rogers, Teen Wolf, and Zantac 75.


While CT is away on a vision quest, Pax and Jeeg bring in Jeremy from Geek Chunks to discuss kung fu movies (and one samurai movie) from the last 20 years or so. After touching on our introductions to the martial arts genre and the grandaddy of them all, Enter the Dragon, we talk about the 90s kung fu resurgence led by Jackie Chan, the crossover appeal of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and some of our recent favorites from Donnie Yen, Tony Jaa, and Michelle Yeoh. Finally, we channel our qi power into some Nerd To-Dos covering Avengers opening weekend, Sliders, and Wrath of the Titans.

This is it. The countdown is practically over. The work is done. There's just one more class to attend. The journey is all but complete. It's been over three years since I began the journey to go back to school and I stand at the precipice wondering if it was worth it or not. There's no way of knowing yet but waiting out time to see. I don't have a TARDIS. But what I do know at this point is that I'm just days away from having more time and I think I might take the opportunity to explore a bit more of the Doctor Who universe and maybe check out some of the 11 Doctors that I've never watched before.
I have wrestled with this blog post for quite some time and it is long overdue. I apologize for the delay in this review to those who were expecting it.

I was asked by our friends at Abrams Books to take a gander at their relatively new Garbage Pail Kids book. I agreed to do so and it came in the mail.

Once it came in, I was excited to flip through the book and take a look at it. It is incredibly well put together. The introduction in the book outlines the history of the series very well and is interesting from a behind the scenes perspective. The dust jacket is made of a material reminiscent of a package of GPK stickers. The art in the book is big and the print is crisp and put on nice glossy paper. Very well done. I applaud the production on this book.

Okay, so that's a very technical review of the book. Not very heartfelt, but that may be all I have. Expecting a flood of memories to come back, I was a bit surprised that I was actually rather put off by the book. And no memories came back. I knew I never collected Garbage Pail Kids, but I remember being around people who did and I thought surely something would resonate with me. Nothing.

In episode 32 of our podcast, I referred to my lack of interest in jumping on bandwagons. While I remember having some moderate interest in learning more about GPK, I was relatively uninterested in them as a kid and any interest I may have had in collecting them was frowned upon by my parents. But now, 30 years later, I thought just being exposed to them again would incite something in me. Maybe I would remember Joe Severns and Jason Burgess trading an Itchy Ritchie for a Potty Scotty card. But no…nothing.

I began to think maybe I did the wrong thing accepting the offer to review this book. Somehow this cultural phenomenon that appealed to all boys my age in the mid-80s completely passed me by and now I can't seem to generate any interest in the book. In fact, I am slightly repulsed. These cards were meant to be parodies of the Cabbage Patch Kids and in essence, these images represent the worst things imaginable happening to your little sister's baby doll. And that baby doll represents a pretty realistic-looking kid. And now I'm a parent and I cannot find this stuff funny at all without a nostalgic hook to hang on it.

So almost thirty years later and I've become the parent who frowned upon the Garbage Pail Kids. And thirty years later, Garbage Pail Kids are still doing what they set out to do. Thirty years of time has not desensitized me enough to no longer find these images gross and disgusting.

And if anything, that should be the best endorsement of this book there can be.
Venn diagram

Our old buddy Fitz returns to the show for our companion piece to Episode 148 of The Atomic Geeks, “Geek Dads!”. We spend the first part of the show talking about our upbringing and the formative experiences that made us nerds, geeks, dorks, and poindexters. After that we briefly touch on how we hope to raise the next generation of nerds. In our To-Dos this week, we learn about Fitz’s initiative to crowdsource some toy shopping, hear CT’s latest update on his quest for Young Justice action figures, and get a mini-review of “Return to Oz” from Pax.

Our fourth chair is empty this week, so it’s a three way dance with Jeeg, Pax, and CT. This time around we’re coming up with bucket lists of must-do nerdy, lunchy, and podcast related items. When we’re not making callbacks to almost all of our previous episodes, we uncover Jeeg’s fascination with Lance Bass, praise the Kool-Aid Museum, and play a Superman related round of the “Dead or Alive?” game. To wrap up, we fantasize about what we’d eventually like to do with this here podcast. Get to listening and cross this episode off your bucket list now!

Near the beginning of the time that Jeeg, PLee and I began getting together for lunch, PLee made an off-hand comment about how humanity would be in big trouble if the monkeys and dolphins ever teamed up. I felt like this needed to be illustrated in some way, so I spent a morning putting together a fake CNN story about Senator Tom Daschle mediating peace between the two animal species.

This is one of those things I look back on and wonder how I even came up with this. Truly inspired if I do say so myself. In particular, the names of the creatures involved in the talks still make me laugh.

Of course, it's possible this story isn't a joke and former Senator Tom Daschle betrayed humanity by unifying two animal groups that will destroy us all. I'll let you be the judge of that.

Senator Tom Daschle mediates peace talks between Monkeys and Dolphins

Thursday, April 3, 2003 Posted: 3:26 PM EST (2026 GMT)

WASHINGTON -- In the midst of a high-profile war amongst humans, two races of animals are looking to set aside their differences.

The long feud between monkeys and dolphins may soon be coming to an end. This week, Senator Tom Daschle has mediated peace talks between the two animals. These talks stem from the resuce of princess Oooeeaaahh last month by two brave dolphins. One dolphin, Ehaheeeeh Neeehaaah died in the rescue. Monkey leader Eeee Eeeee Eaaaeee expressed his thanks over the rescue of his daughter and extended his monkey hand of friendship.

Senator Tom Daschle was asked by leaders on both sides to mediate peace talks. "I've had a long history with both sides," said Daschle on Wednesday. "This is a fine opportunity to form alliances in a much better way than waging war."

Though most haven't given this much thought, there is growing concern about this alliance among some. "Monkeys and dolphins both are much smarter than humans," said zoologist Cindy Heckleman. "If these two forces join together, it could mean doom for all of humanity."

Representative Jack Fontana (R) of Minnesota said in response to these peace talks, "Daschle has betrayed humankind. Peace is a good thing, unless it's peace between two common foes."

Animal rights activist Stacy Auble is for the peace talks. "Like, humanity has hurt these animals so much over the years that like it's about time they can form these alliances against us."

Right now the White House is full entrenched in the war against Iraq, but there are unconfirmed reports that top military strategists are beginning to assess what it would take to fight an army of monkeys and dolphins.