Nerd Lunch Podcast 76: Sports

It’s a three way dance this week as Pax, Jeeg, and CT discuss of all things: sports. After spending a few minutes throwing bouquets at Huey Lewis, we talk about our histories watching and playing actual sports, getting sucked into fantasy sports, and collecting sports memorabilia. Then we move on to a discussion of best and worst sports movies. Our Nerd To Dos include Josey Wales books, an Angel watching update, and something called Improvised Star Trek.


Anonymous said...

Fun to hear you guys talking sports; not a show I would have expected... American Gladiators! Three words: womens' hang tough... I was multi-tasking while I listened, but I didn't hear Kelsey Grammar's treatment of football wives, The Game, mentioned. Anybody seen it? What do you think? I liked the way the serious situations were edged with humor, but heck, even if you didn't care for the plot or the acting, Brittany Daniels' legs would keep you on the edge of your seat... Good job, men, keep it up!

- Jack