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Snipes Web Comic 01

Today I'm excited to launch a new regular feature on the blog. Nerd Lunch will be host to a new weekly web comic written and illustrated by Bill Wiist. The comic is called "Snipes" and stars a character named Donny Snipes. But even more exciting, the supporting cast is made up of characters who are named and look like those associated with Nerd Lunch. This week sees CT's debut and future weeks will see Jeeg, PLee, Pax, and even Savannah debuting.

The current schedule has three panels posting every week. And I'll make sure that all the posts are tagged with "Snipes" so you can easily go back and read previous week's strips. When the first story arc is done, we'll look at ideas for doing some sort of digital collection or something.

I have gotten a chance to see some future panels, but not even I know where all this ends up so I'm looking forward to riding along with you and seeing what happens. We hope you keep following along or sign up for our impending newsletter to keep up with updates. Enjoy!


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