Nerd Lunch Podcast 82: 90s Sitcoms

Pax, CT, Jaime Hood ( and Cult Film Club), and William Bruce West ( review the sitcom greats (?) of the 90s.  This episode asks and occasionally answers the hard hitting questions that everyone has wondered about.  Why were Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey still living with the Tanner family?  How on earth did Saved By The Bell: The New Class last 10 seasons?  Why is the finale of Seinfeld so damned important?  What is French Stewart’s tour de force performance?  Where did the ladies of Living Single work?  Which 90s sitcom character would we want to take the place of, date, or have for a neighbor?  Not to be left out, our TV driven Nerd To-Dos include the Larry Sanders Show, Game of Thrones, Burn Notice, and The Walking Dead comic.


Jason - GBNF Manager said...

No love for Get a Life on Fox? Best 90s sitcom hands down.

Jesse Acosta said...

You want to know something horrible? Family Matters was a spin off of Perfect Strangers. I guess they used to sneak characters and pseudo pilots into other shows to "try out" a new show without having to dump funds into a new series to test it with audiences.
I still don't understand why I watched either show. Maybe it was a train wreck sort of obsession? I knew it was schlock looking back, but I had to digest that whole TGIF block of blah like every other kid.
Great show!