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(Nerd) Lunch Special: Jos. Louis


Jos Louis box


Our podcasting big brothers, The Atomic Geeks, have talked about this Canadian delicacy a few times on their show. The Vachon line of snack cakes seemed to be a pretty rare find in the Midwest US and I hadn’t tried a Jos. Louis until this week. However Hostess went belly up, Twinkies and Ding Dongs disappeared from store shelves, and now Vachon cakes have appeared in stores to fill the void.


The first thing I noticed is that there were only six cakes in the box. I was a little miffed about the cake to dollar ratio until I cracked open the package.


Jos Louis meet George Washington


Sacré bleu! That’s a big snack cake. For some reason I was expecting a Canadian version of a Ding Dong, but each Jos. Louis is about a third larger. In fact, a little research reveals that the Canadian version of the Ding Dong is called the King Don and is marketed by the same company that makes Jos. Louis. Besides the size difference, the Jos. Louis has a thinner chocolate coating, a lighter cake, and a sandwich style construction compared to the Ding Dong. With a gun to my head I think I would choose the thicker chocolate of the Ding Dong, but the Jos. Louis punches at the same weight. And just like the Ding Dong, a Jos. Louis is extra tasty after spending some time chilling in the fridge or freezer. Add it to the list of quality hossin’ from the minds of French-Canadians along with poutine.

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