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The Making of a Crossover Promo Image

Coming next month is the 2013 Atomic Geeks Podcasting Network Crossover. Last year, there were just three shows in the Network and now that number has more than doubled to seven. There will be a variety of ways the shows will interact and I'm looking forward to participating.

Knowing this was coming up several weeks ago, I asked Snipes illustrator Bill Wiist if he'd be willing to draw a promotional image for the crossover. I've long been a fan of the JLA/JSA crossovers. Maybe this is because one of the comics that was in my dad's comic collection was the first one. I thought it would be great to do an homage of that image for the crossover and Bill was on board.

I spent a few hours collecting reference shots of the various people, mapped out who would go where, and sent that all to Bill. We decided to cut The Atom's slot so that meant there were only 13 character slots available. Sadly, we weren't able to include everyone who participates in the TAG Network, but almost everyone. Maybe next year, we'll have to use that George Perez JLA/Avengers cover as the inspiration.

In the end, I thought Bill did a great job. If you are interested, prints are available to purchase through Cafepress here.

And the guide for those who want to know who's who...

And for those who like to see the process, pencils and inks for this piece...

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