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On Second Scoop and The After Movie Diner


Not only is there a new episode of the Nerd Lunch Podcast this week, but CT and Pax appears as guests on The Podcast from the After Movie Diner. In this episode, Jon Cross hosts a discussion about the much revered Back to the Future trilogy. Jeeg was slated to join us, but was unexpectedly called away at the last minute so he could not. Long time listeners of our may remember that we covered these movies in our second episode as our first drill down. I love that this show debuts on the anniversary of the great Hill Valley lightning storm. Please, think about giving a donation to save the clocktower.

You can click the link above, look for the show on iTunes or Stitcher, or listen to it right here:

Also, I mentioned on a recent podcast that I had given myself a Nerd To-Do to obtain some Southern Craft Creamery ice cream and write a review of it for On Second Scoop. I have done that and you can read the review of this fine stuff now.

Purveyor of On Second Scoop and Nosh Show co-host, Dubba, has appeared on our podcast before on episode 96. I love these little blog/podcast team ups that happen as a result of all that we do.

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