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The Marvelflix Initiative

Anyone who reads a blog called Nerd Lunch probably keeps track of this sort of thing, but in case you haven't heard, Marvel and Netflix are teaming up with an unprecedented bit of nerdery:  13 episodes each of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Alias / Jessica Jones, all leading up to a Defenders mini-series. Granted, we shouldn't expect summer tentpole production values, but it's a chance to tell different kinds of stories, and to broaden the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Since Joss Whedon steals a lot of our good ideas, I might as well just sketch out a few ideas for the sequels.

Strange Tales
Johnny Depp will eventually let Marvel back up a money truck to his house so he can play Dr. Strange.  Well, here's how corporate synergy works in the year 2016: a month or two before the Dr. Strange feature film drops, we get some series exploring the mystic / horror side of the Marvel Universe.  Johnny makes enigmatic cameos throughout.

Blade and the Nightstalkers.  Yeah, that Blade TV series was kind of lame, and the whole Nerd Lunch crew suffered through Blade: Trinity, but he's a great character.  Blade teams up with vampire detective Hannibal King, Dracula descendant Frank Drake, and fourth-generation vampire hunter Rachel Van Helsing, and hunts . . . mummies or something.

Legion of Monsters.  Sort of a Nightbreed ripoff, with a scoop of Beauty and the Beast.  Jack Russell, Werewolf by Night, finds a secret city of monsters deep beneath Manhattan.  

Morbius.  I'm not 100% sure that Marvel has the rights . . . might be part of the Spider-Man deal . . . but the kids love the vampires.  He's a brilliant hematologist who ends up transforming into a new breed of vampire.
Brother Voodoo.  Djimon Hounshou, you are too old to play Black Panther, and I am sorry.  But you are just the right age to play Jericho Drumm, M.D., defending New Orleans from ancient evils.

Strange Tales (miniseries).  They do the monster mash.           

Take some of the original New Universe, some of that cool Newuniversal reboot from a few years back, and some of the ideas from the recent issues of Avengers, and do the whole thing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe on a TV budget.  The White Event is a flash of light that fills the skies all over Earth.  In its wake, several people find themselves blessed / cursed with powerful glyph-tattoos, designating them as the natural defenders of this reality.  A much larger, much more random group of "paranormals" develop strange new abilities.

Starbrand.  The universe was supposed to pick a worthy sentient to wield the most powerful weapon in existence.  The universe might have picked the wrong guy.

Nightmask.  Izanami Randall gains access to the Superflow, the universal subconscious and shared dreamspace of all living things.

D.P.7.  A "Heroes" inspired anthology about seven "displaced paranormals" --- regular folks from all walks of life who just wake up weird.

Kickers, Inc.  Sure, why not.  What happens when an NFL quarterback can suddenly run a two-minute mile and bench press a ton?

Newuniversal.  In the big crossover, our heroes have to stop another dimension from overwriting our own.  What I like here is that most of these characters won't even have costumes or codenames or any particular urge to fight crime . . . they just skip straight from "Origin Story" to "Crisis on Infinite Earths."

   Avengers: West Coast
Jeremy Renner, all you do is bitch.  So two choices: either you can commit to about 15 hours of Hawkeye, or we can find someone else to do it cheaper.

Hawkeye.    Inspired by his successful solo series, it's Clint Barton, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., hanging out at his apartment between missions.  Meet his evil brother Barney, his evil mentor the Swordsman, his apprentice Kate Bishop, and his expensive Black Widow cameo.  Clint and Kate end up roadtripping out West, with some Route 66 style adventures at every stop.

Mockingbird.  Champion gymnast turned biochemist Bobbi Morse gets recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D., and becomes their pointwoman on the hunt for the Infinity Formula.  Escrima batons and pretty girls, and maybe dig into some of the 6000-year history of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Wonder Man.  It's "Entourage" meets "Man of Steel," as ionically-charged superman Simon Williams tries to make it in Hollywood.

Moon Knight.  He's Batman, but all in white and off his meds.  This being the Marvel Universe, it's hard to say whether he's just suffering PTSD, or actually the Fist of Khonshu, Egyptian God of Vengeance.  

Avengers:  West Coast (miniseries).  Bad guys attack California.  Hawkeye rounds up the local heroes.

Marvel's Infinity Quest
This part of the Marvelflix Initiative would cover the past and future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with time-travel bad guy Kang the Conqueror tying it all together.

Agent Carter.  We already pitched this one a month or two back.  Cap's girlfriend, Tony's dad, and assorted Howling Commandos get S.H.I.E.L.D. started during the Truman Era.

Two-Gun Kid.  A masked gunslinger cleans up the Marvel Old West, which means Cowboys vs. Aliens, Asgardians, Robots, etc.  Ghost Rider and Red Wolf guest star.  Sort of a Brisco County, Jr. thing.

Sons of the Tiger.  Kung-fu fighting in Chinatown, 1975.  They fight Hypno-Hustler, any of the Luke Cage villains who tried to take over the ghetto, and maybe all of those Hostess Fruit Pie bad guys.

Avengers Next.  Adapting the recent animated feature, with the next generation of Avengers in a world overtaken by Ultron.

Infinity Quest (miniseries).  Kang doesn't like this business with Ultron taking over, and time itself starts to break down as they battle, leading to an unlikely alliance of heroes from three centuries.   


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