Break out the Doritos and Mountain Dew, the Nerd Lunch Podcast had reached triple digits! It's episode 100 and to celebrate, CT, Jeeg and Pax welcome the two other members of the Nerd Lunch Family. Joining as guests are Nerd Lunch blog co-founder PLee and Nerd Lunch: The Web Series co-host Savannah Staverosky. However, the show honors many of our past guests by including a look back at several Fourth Chair Carryover Questions from the past year. Find out who never watched Saturday Morning cartoons, who doesn't like Seth Rogen, who (sort of) ran a 5K to save the Clock Tower, who watched the royal wedding and who likes Foofur a bit too much. (Okay, the picture above might answer that last question.) Also...who is 'Saint Cosplay'? All that and more!

With this episode, we end "season 2" of the show and we'll be taking a slight break before returning with episode 101. Look for bonus content in the meantime and we'll be back with new, full episodes soon.

Special thanks to everyone listed below for awesome questions that we had fun revisiting on this episode:

Only one show left until episode 100, but we're bringing the fun this week by bringing back long-absent guest Jay from After apologizing to Jay for not having him on for so long, he forgives us by giving us the greatest Nerd Lunch rap you'll ever hear. It's worth turning the show off after that, but don't! We then move into a return to our "Expendables of Other Genres" topic once before covered on Episode 22 of our show. The podcasting crew assemble an ultimate nerdy/geeky/techie movie cast as well as the ultimate cartoon voice cast. It's our most copyright-infringing episode yet! Nerd To-Dos feature, among other things, a big discussion about Firehouse Subs.

Also, this episode contains news about what to expect for next week's 100th episode!

Week 18 of Bill Wiist's "Snipes"...

CT, Jeeg, and Pax get a dose of culture this week with a visit from Sue London, author of Trials of Artemis (The Haberdashers Book One). After getting the lowdown on what Sue has been doing and what she will be doing, the four of them discuss various couples in the nerd genres including power couples, mismatched couples, married couples, and love triangles. The romance discussion ends with an exercise in "create-a-romance" where The Matrix's Trinity sees a lot of action. Nerd To-Dos involve d20Monkey, a real Millennium Falcon, more Game of Thrones talk, and the consuming of a free Quarter Pounder from McDonald's.

Week 17 of "Snipes" by William Wiist...

This week CT, Jeeg and Pax are joined by show regular Shawn Robare to discuss the nerdarific book, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.  We talk about our pre-knowledge of the book, what we thought of the characters and what we thought of all of the 80s pop culture references that are strewn throughout the text.  We quite thoroughly discuss this book.  Nerd To-Dos involve bootleg Powell-Peralta skate tapes, William Shatner's Gonzo Ballet, and more Game of Thrones, Farscape and Burn Notice viewing.

Week 16 of "Snipes" by William Wiist...

The 2nd Annual Atomic Geek Podcasting Network Summer Crossover Series was a great success, if I do say so myself. Six shows participated in the crossover and it was a lot of fun.

First up, as we've already mentioned on the blog, we switched places with The Atomic Geeks. CT, Jeeg and Pax took over episode 217 of their show while DiGio, Christian and Downs welcomed a Fourth Chair guest and took over our episode 95.

The Atomic Geeks

Nerd Lunch

The same type of thing happened between the Geek Fallout crew and The Bloke Show crew. Both casts of those shows switched places and did each other's shows.

Geek Fallout

The Bloke Show

Then the crews at Cult Film Club and Classic Film Jerks banded together and produced shows that featured the other cast as guests.

Classic Film Jerks

Cult Film Club

It was a really fun experiment and I'm glad we did it. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in 2014 as I know there are further plans for expansion in the TAG Network.