Downton DVDs


For a special holiday treat, the nerds get together to discuss the UK's hottest import, Downton Abbey, ahead of its season 4 premiere in the US. Yes, 50 minutes of middle aged nerds talking about a soap opera. Join us to be swept away by the drama, romance, and our inability to keep all the plotlines straight. Happy Holidays, everybody.


Snipes Week 26 by William Wiist…

It's Christmas Eve as I write this and you are probably all done with your shopping and wrapping. But in this age of friendships with people we've never met from all over the world, there might be that one person you didn't realize was getting you a gift. Or someone just slipped through the cracks as you made your list and now you're scrambling to think of something to get them.

No worries. I think most people will understand that. And there's still time to do a little shopping for that special person in your life that you forgot about. Even if the gift might arrive after Christmas, we all like the residual post-Christmas gifts trickling in. Well, here we are with a few suggestions. And yes, all of these are based on supporting our own friends.


Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings
A guide to the history of Rack Toys by Brian over at

Beyond the Rails: Six tales of steampunk adventure on the African frontier (Volume 1)
A steampunk book written by Nerd Lunch super-fan, Jack Tyler.

Sue London's Books
Sue London was a guest on our show a little while back and she's written some books. Click the link above for the complete list.

Make Art Make Money: Lessons from Jim Henson on Fueling Your Creative Career
Elizabeth Hyde Stevens wrote this awesome book that I did a whole extra helping podcast about.


Published by our friend Brian Adams and featuring articles by Howie Decker and Nerd Lunch's very own CT.

Strange Kids Club's SK Magazine #3
Published by our buddy Rondal, this features contributions from names like Paxton Holley, Shawn Robare, and Brian Adams.


Miscellaneous Plumbing Fixtures
Our friend Jon Cross does music, too and you can buy his Christmas album, among other works, here.


Print or Book from Des Taylor
We had Des on our show way back on episode 69. I'm a fan of this guy's work big time. If you're looking to get me a gift...ahem.


Tastes Like Chicken
I made a movie a few years ago and you can buy it on DVD (sorry, no Blu-ray).

The Nerd Lunch Podcasting crew are once again joined by Jasmin Fine of Together, the foursome delves into crafting more movie-themed menus for national restaurant chains much like Denny's has done for The Hobbit. As before, movie assigments and restaurants were assigned at random so the kitchens start to get messy and pants start coming off. Nerd To-Dos include checking out Beyond the Rails, a book written by friend of Nerd Lunch, Jack Tyler.

Snipes Week 25 by William Wiist…

It's the holidays so the Nerd Lunch crew decide to spend this episode with members of the family...The Atomic Geeks Podcasting Network family. CT, Jeeg and Pax team up with DiGio, Christian and Downs from The Atomic Geeks for this special Christmas episode. In it, they give each other the Secret Santa gift of a Gunpoint Review. Each podcast team must watch and review a Christmas movie assigned to them. The Atomic Geeks report on 1960's (or is it 1959's) Mexican-produced Santa Claus while the Nerd Lunchers report on 1964's cult classic Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Be sure to check out the special closing song on this episode, "12 Days of Geekmas" by Andrew Bloom.

Snipes Week 24 by William Wiist…

The guys return to a topic they haven't done since Episode 4: Guilty Displeasures. And they do it in a three way dance. Things the fellas feel they should enjoy but don't include Mountain Dew flavor extensions, zombies, comic books, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and peppermint. Lots to reveal and discuss.

Snipes Week 23 by William Wiist…

So, this happened today...

We've been running Snipes panels by Bill Wiist, off an on, for several weeks now. The 22nd set just went live not too long ago and with that, Bill has put together an e-book with the complete first issue. This sets up the story and makes for a satisfying debut read.

We'll post the first week of the "second issue" this Friday and art is already coming in for weeks after that. I know I'm looking forward to seeing where this all goes. I hope you're enjoying it, too.