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Nerd Lunch Podcast 201: The Monday Night Wars


Monday Night Wars


Rasslin’ talk takes over Nerd Lunch once again as Jeeg, Mike Downs from the Atomic Geeks, Chad Young from Horror Movie BBQ, and RD Reynolds of WrestleCrap fame come together to wax poetic about the 1990s battle for pro-wrestling (and cable TV) dominance between WCW and WWF/WWE. One episode is not enough to tackle the topic, but the crew hits the highs, lows, and aftermath of this golden age of wrestling. Enjoy and let us know your favorite moments of The Monday Night Wars!


If you’re looking for more about the WCW side of the Monday Night Wars, be sure to pick up the updated 10th anniversary edition of RD’s book, The Death of WCW. It’s Bryan Alvarez tested and Jeeg approved®.


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