CT and Pax welcome back fan-favorite Fourth Chair guest William Bruce West back to the show. The trio discussion television series finales. What makes a great finale? What are some of the best? What are some of the worst? Plus, we complete our musical intro hat trick thanks to the amazing efforts of frequent Fourth Chair guest Geek Kay.

Michael May and I teamed up, along with David and Annaliese, to bring to the world a second episode of Dragonfly Ripple: Bringing up the Next Generation of Nerd. In this episode, we discuss the successes and failures of getting our kids interested in Star Trek, Michael and David watch the animated Lord of the Rings movies, Annaliese and I talk about our experience playing Dungeons & Dragons, and we have a new segment called "Jetpack Tiger" that just has to be listened to.

This week the nerds are joined by Jay from SexyArmpit and Tim from Neighborhood Archive to discuss their favorite fictional bands.  Expect lots of talk about bands like The Pinheads, The Folksmen, The Guys Next Door and Sexy Lingerie.  Plus lots more.

At the end, in our lightning round, listen to us try to guess what movie/TV show obscure fake band names come from.

We're still waiting on seeing some moving picture footage of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Her casting announcement and subsequent image as Wonder Woman have been met with mixed reactions. While this article is not going to delve into whether or not I think she'll do a good job, I will state that I think your opinion is valid, whatever it is. If you think she'll do great, I hope you're right! If you think she'll be horrible, I hope you're pleasantly surprised. In the Internet, land of extreme opinions, I thought I'd at least start out with a call for rationality.

Regardless of whether or not you think she's a good casting choice, it's at least worth getting excited about the fact that Wonder Woman will finally be making her big screen debut. A Wonder Woman movie has been rumored for years. On the live action front, we've seen some television, but nothing official since Lynda Carter hung up the satin tights. Adrianne Palicki starred in a TV pilot that wasn't picked up. That has subsequently been leaked and many have seen it. We even talked about it on episode 150 of the podcast. The closest we appear to have gotten to seeing her on the big screen was a Justice League movie where Megan Gale was cast as Wonder Woman back in 2008. That project fell apart. I look forward to someday seeing test shots and hearing more about that project. I suspect someone is putting together a Kickstarter now as they do for all these dead comic book movies.

Comic fans have been playing "casting agent" for years. And it used to be a pretty harmless game because until around 2000, none of our movies got made. Now the movies are getting made and sometimes we're not happy with the choice because it doesn't match our perception of the character we've been reading on the four-colored page for 20 years. Again, that's okay. At least, I hope it is, because I've been playing casting agent for years myself. And specifically, I've been casting Wonder Woman almost all my life.

Here are five actresses that I wish had been given the opportunity to play Wonder Woman on the big screen...

Jen from Klingon Pop Warrior returns to the show as the crew talk about musicals! After a discussion on musicals in general, the podcasters turn several non-musical properties into musicals. Nothing is safe. There's Running Man: The Musical, Big Trouble in Little China: The Musical, Young Guns: The Musical and The Dukes of Hazzard Musical. Also listen to the biggest opening bit the Nerds have ever pulled off.

Kay from Hyperspace Theories and Fangirlblog returns to the show and CT leads a discussion about The Rockeeteer. What made the story great? Was there chemistry between Cliff and Jenny? Should villains abandon pottery? And how many times in movies do they explain the demise of the "land" in "Hollywoodland"? Nerd To-Dos feature Doctor Who, more podcasts, and X-Men.