That fact that we've made it to 2015 is a big deal to a lot of people my age. There's a pop culture significance to the year thanks to Back to the Future. And while we don't have flying cars and Mr. Fusion, there is something I do all the time that I wouldn't have even dreamed of doing in 1985. Podcasting.

This past year was big and I want to reflect back on some of the big events before we move into 2016.

In January, I launched a new podcast along with Fourth Chair Army member, Michael May. The show is called Dragonfly Ripple: Bringing up the Next Generation of Nerd. We record it with his son and my daughter. I also do a separate segment with my son. The show focuses on Michael and I sharing our nerdy/geeky interests with our kids and getting their reactions about it.

In February, there was a hostile takeover of our show as the "Fourth Chair Army of Doom" (Shawn from Branded in the 80s, Jay from the Sexy Armpit, Rondal from Strange Kids Club and Jaime from Shezcrafti) did a discussion about cartoon villains without the regular Nerd Lunch trio.

While it turned out to be one of our least popular episodes (maybe our listeners hate musicals?), our "Nerd Lunch: The Musical" episode we did in March stands out as one of my favorites. I loved the concept, but I also loved our musical-style opening. That kicked off a trilogy of musical openings with Jay doing a band opening for episode 170 and Kay completing the hat trick on episode 171 with an awesome and unexpected song.

In April, the Nerd Lunch crew headed to Chicago for the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo, or C2E2. Here, we got to meet a lot of Fourth Chair Army members and record a podcast:

In May, QK, a fictional character from Pod, James Pod was approached about being a guest on another podcast. As an extension of the James Pod show, I decided to make this happen. Although how I made it happen is probably a story for another time.

In July, my family and I made a trip to Texas and along the way, I met up with some members of the Fourth Chair Army and recorded a podcast. It was great to meet Jasmin from 1FineCookie, Rondal from Strange Kids Club and Miss M from Diary of Dorkette and the Eclectic Mayhem Podcast.

In September, we finally crossed over with Pax's other podcast, the Cult Film Club. On their show, we chatted about the original Mad Max trilogy, and then on our show, we drilled down on Fury Road.

We hit a big number milestone in October as we recorded our 200th episode. Jay from the Sexy Armpit and Shawn from Branded in the 80s took over our show and hosted a "roast and toast." Many familiar voices chimed in to say hi.

We also overhauled the Nerd Lunch brand. The site was tweaked, we got a new logo and in episode 208, our new theme song made its debut.

In October, I took a trip for work to New York City. I was able to get an evening to pull away for a night to join the members of the Schlock Treatment crew for a recording of their podcast. I also got to meet Jeff from the Your Weird Podcast in person.

Just in the nick of time, a major #NerdToDo was crossed off my list when we got to do a big team up/crossover with the UnderScoopFire crew. Unfortunately, their show is winding down. We talked finales on their show and then did something called "My Celebrity Posse" on ours. It was a fun time. Though their podcast is winding down, the site isn't going away and I had the opportunity to rebrand UnderScoopFire. Check out the full project on my Behance page.

In November, Pod, James Pod completed its goal of going through all the James Bond movies. We did a pseudo-final episode in December. Aaron and I want to continue doing the show in some form in the next year, but what that will be exactly, no one knows. Not even us really.

Finally, our year ended with the Star Wars Panel convening to talk about some of the Star Wars novels. But this is after going through all six of the pre-Force Awakens films. This was a fun, multi-part project and it gave me a new appreciation for the films. And our 2016 will begin like our 2015 ended as our first episode in the new year will be our Drill Down on The Force Awakens.

Other great episodes from 2015:
Overall, a great year in podcasting. It will be hard to top, but plans are already being made so we'll give it our best effort. See you in the future.

May and Kay join Pax in a discussion about the Star Wars Expanded Universe.  Expect us to discuss mostly the books but there is some discussion on the comics.  We discuss our first entry into the books, some of our favorite books, some of our favorite characters and we break down some recommendations for Star Wars book newbies.


Continuing our holiday tradition, Michael DiGiovanni from The Atomic Geeks joins us to ring in the holiday season. On the docket this year is a quest to assemble the ultimate Hallmark Channel or ABC Family quality Christmas romance movie. We don't quite get there, but we do pitch four excellent examples of the genre and empty IMDB's reservoir of 90s D-list celebrities in a stunt casting exercise you won't want to miss.

Our friend Dubba was unable to be on the recent episode of The Nosh Show, so Marvo shone the podcast signal in the sky and CT answered it. Discussed were an assortment of junk food and fast food products including Star Wars ice cream, chocolate corn puffs and Deadpool-branded Mike's Harder Lemonade. My only disappointment is that I didn't have a quote good enough to make the episode title. For the full show notes, check out The Nosh Show.

Previous Appearances by Members of the Nosh Show:

CT and Jeeg welcome back Rob Graham and the podcasters do a Drill Down on oft-overlooked Star Trek series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. They talk about the legacy of Captain Sisko, the other main characters, the Dominion War, the station itself, the Defiant, favorite episodes and of course, Garak. This one is for all you Niners out there.

Returning after a long absence from our show is both guest Sue London and the "franchise topic" of Give That Guy Some Work (see episodes 5, 44 and 86 for previous installments). We discuss some actors and actresses that we haven't seen on our screens in awhile and discuss ideas for roles we'd like to see them take on. Nerd To Dos include some video gaming, Jessica Jones, and the new brand for our friends at UnderScoopFire. Also, our new theme song debuts on this episode!



We once again celebrate the Day of the Ninja. This time Jeeg and Pax give a spin to the Wachowskis styled modern classic, Ninja Assassin. This movie has it all:  katanas, ultraviolent action, a Korean pop star, fusillades of shurikens, a connection to the britcom Coupling, and Sho Kosugi. Of course we love it. Stick around for Nerd To Dos that include the unique pairing of James Bond and Aquaman.