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CT's Full Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 Soundtrack Predictions


In yesterday's episode of the podcast, the crew each predicted three songs that would appear on the Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 soundtrack.

Trailer and convention footage has contained the following three songs:

According to James Gunn (seen by me at this article), the latter two songs on that list may or may not be in the movie. The convention footage does not prove their inclusion. And, by extension, the trailer doesn't necessarily prove "Fox on the Run" will be in the movie either. Until it's in the actual movie, it's not in the actual movie. However, the exercise given to the podcasters presumptively closed that these three songs would be included. And then asked us to predict three more songs that would appear.

I had a blast working on this and the hardest part was paring down what I wanted to include. And even more so, paring down the three that I would mention on the episode. Here's what I chose:

But, not to stop there, I wanted to predict the rest of the soundtrack. If any of these are correct, I will not call for them to be counted in next year's Nerdstradamus results. The first soundtrack contained 12 songs. I stuck with that model and filled in six more songs.

Pax, Jeeg and Tim all had great suggestions, too. In fact, Pax is doing a similar post with his full soundtrack over at Cavalcade of Awesome. And there are so many songs we haven't even mentioned that it's possible none of us will be correct. What do you think?

And check out my Spotify playlist with the 12 songs listed above.

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