Nerd Lunch Podcast 260: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Drill Down

The Nerd Lunch Indy panel completed the Indiana Jones trilogy, but found out there was one more Indy movie to cover. Apparently in 2008, there was another Indiana Jones movie made called Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Okay...okay, we knew they made it, but we try to forget it. Alas, we remember it one more time so we can discuss the over-the-topness of this final (for now) installment of the franchise. What do we think about Marion's return? Indy having a son? A Russian enemy who has the special ability to not have a consistent accent? Listen now and let's nuke this fridge together.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Wow. An upload on a Saturday. I just imagine you rushing through this and uploading as soon as the recording was done declaring "Its done, now we never have to speak of this again!"

Carlin Trammel said...

It was actually a mistake for this to post already, but whatever. Everyone can ignore it now just as easily as they can on Tuesday.