Each of them are over 30 years old and have family and job responsibilities. Time is limited. Money is limited. Maturity is setting in. But there's always time for a little lunch and maybe that's where they can get their Nerdin' in. But since they no longer live near each other, they come here instead of get together for lunch.

Welcome to Nerd Lunch...the place where three guys, each with over 30 years of nerdin' experience, come together to pontificate on that which they no longer have much time for anymore.

Carlin Trammel (CT)
Located in the capital city of Florida, CT once had dreams. Then he had children. Now he has this blog. Follow this blog for too long and you'll be inundated with pictures of CT's G.I. Joe action figure collection and his pining (or whining) for Chicago-style hot dogs. Follow Carlin on Twitter: @nerdlunch.

It's uncertain at this point if Jeeg is still the one posting here or if it's a robot that he built and programmed to write blog posts on his behalf. When he's not busy building robots, he can be found ringside at masked Mexican wrestling matches.

Fighting for truth and justice, PLee fights a never ending struggle to come up with the perfect imaginary band. That's when he's not coming up with imaginary TV shows or RPG campaigns.

icon illustrations by Marc L. Thomas