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(Nerd) Lunch Special: KFC's Double Down

The KFC Double Down, a monument to greasy indulgence. I've had one and it was tasty. Very tasty. Two pieces of cheese, two pieces of bacon, and some tangy sauce stuck between two piece of fried chicken breast...what's not to enjoy?

Speaking of indulgence, if you don't mind indulging me a little rant, I have one...

I make no claims that this thing is healthy, but the lynch mob against this creation needs to stop. Barring the fact that the negative publicity against it was likely a plan by KFC to increase awareness, somehow, every media outlet and thereby, every mindless idiot who can't think for themselves is suddenly down on the Double Down.

Why? Or more importantly, why now?

Some media is asking if it is responsible of KFC to offer this new menu item. When did they ask it it was responsible of them to sell buckets of fried chicken or an all-you-can-eat Colonel's Buffet? Was there public backlash against Pizza Hut's Meat Lover's pizza? Was there public outcry against the Earl of Sandwich when he had the idea to stick some meat and cheese between bread in the first place? (Thanks for this idea, Beth.)

Just for comparison, the KFC Original RecipeĀ® Double Down is 540 calories, has 32g of fat and 1380mg of sodium. That's fewer calories than the Whopper's 670, slightly less fat than it's 40g, and only slightly more sodium compared to the Whopper's 1020mg.

I love eating the occasional Whopper. It tastes great. That's what fast food is all about. We all have our vices. Be it drinking, smoking or eating junk food, we all enjoy life a little at the detriment of our health. I don't need the media and it's mindless agents judging me for my choices. I don't get on Twitter and condemn your actions. Nor do I judge tobacco companies or alcohol companies for offering products that have many drawbacks.

I for one wanted to try this, and despite the price, I'll grab one again before it's gone. If for no other reason, to support this absolute indulgence in one of my favorite things...fast food.

I posted some more pictures at the Nerd Lunch Facebook page.

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