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The A-Team Van

I love The A-Team. I love action figures. So, it's no surprise to you to learn that I broke down and bought the new "Classic A-Team Van" by Jazwares.

The figures seem cool enough, but until I see the movie, I don't want to make an investment into action figures based on those actors. I'm sure they'll do fine, but I just want to see it first. But the van...the van...I had to get it.

It's pricey for what you get. This set me back $25 at Target. There are reports that Toys R Us has it for $20, but the Toys R Us in my area didn't have it at all.

Perhaps I'll get the figures eventually, or even better, perhaps they'll make figures based on the classic versions of the characters and I'll get those. But in the meantime, the coolest thing about this van is that accommodates most 3 3/4" action figures. So, my G.I. Joe action figures have a new van to play with.

I put the call out on Twitter and two of my friends on Twitter made suggestions for a makeshift A-Team using Joe characters. @GeekInsight suggested Sgt. Slaughter who I unfortunately don't have yet. @dcod3r suggested Roadblock, Duke, Flint and Cutter. I don't have Cutter, but then Dusty was suggested instead.



There's a sound effect special feature that I could do without.

There is an even more thorough review of the BA figure and the van over on ItsAllTrue.net where they have a video showing off the sound effects. I'm not going to waste batteries for that. Also, the fine folks at Battlegrip.com tell me there will be a review of this forthcoming, likely this weekend. I'll update this when that review is posted.

Still, if you love the A-Team, I recommend picking this up. It might be worth trying to wait a while and seeing if it goes down in price any. Sometimes these movie lines flop and wind up getting clearanced or move over to Big Lots.

I took some more pictures and have posted the complete gallery on our Facebook page.

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