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Wonder Why?

A couple people have asked me what I think about the new Wonder Woman costume. Here's my response: It's gimmicky and part of the reason I lost the desire to read comics a few years ago. None of this stuff is ever permanent and nor should it be. A few years ago, DC came along and said they're killing Superman knowing full well they'd bring him back in 8 months. Then they release it to the media. The news runs with it as a big story and they sell a billion comics. And that's what Marvel and DC have been trying to recreate ever since.

The funny thing is that this is nothing new Wonder Woman has changed her costume several times over the past 70 years only to change it back. So when a news story says, "After sporting the same look for nearly seven decades..." they're wrong. But it doesn't matter because they took the bait DC gave them and ran the story. But even that doesn't matter because it really won't translate to comic sales. Not until comics can find their way back into a more mainstream venue. Perhaps that's online and digital comics. Who knows?

As for the costume itself...I'm not really a fan, but I suppose it could be worse. It really hearkens back to a 90s sensibility with the jacket, big shoulder pads, and ornate gauntlets. The other thing they might be doing is trying to come up with a more practical costume for an eventual movie. I hope this isn't it.

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