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(Nerd) Lunch Special: Nugglers!

I have stumbled upon one of the best lunch deals ever. I am no huge fan of Walmart as a whole, but certainly appreciate the ability to save some money even at the expense of losing out on some decent service or quality.

That said, I have found the Walmart deli to be more hit than miss, particularly the Walmart closest to where I work.

They have in these Walmart delis various flavors of boneless chicken wings or "nugglers" as we call them at the office. Usually I find that they have at most two flavors out, but typically just one at a time. I've tried the General Tso's, BBQ, and a couple others. They're all decent, but Tso's is probably my favorite.

I had been ordering boneless chicken wings by the pound which meant I could get a decent amount for $4 or so. On a recent trip, the guy working at the deli (referred to at the office as "beard net guy") informed me of a $3 meal that contains a meat, a side and a roll. With this, I can get a pile of nugglers, potato wedges, and a roll. I can't promise that you'll get the same helping I got, but this deli worker packed my tray full of food. It was so much food that I didn't eat again until the next day at lunch.

On subsequent trips, I've gotten a little bit less food, but still more than enough for a decent-sized lunch.

I highly recommend exploring this option as an alternative to typical fast food fare.

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