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My Atomic Picks

As I mentioned yesterday, I had the opportunity to join The Atomic Geeks on their podcast this week. At the end of every episode, each member of the show gets to make an "Atomic Pick." I wanted to share my Atomic Picks with the fine readers of this blog.

If you're a follower of Nerd Lunch, then you might know that I am a huge fan of collecting action figures and in particular, the newer style G.I. Joe action figures. My Atomic Pick isn't for any figure in particular but instead for a cool online store called Marauder Gun-Runners at marauderinc.com. At this online store, they sell all kinds of weapons and gear made for the 3 and 3/4 inch scale lines, so your G.I. Joe and Star Wars. They've got all kinds of stuff: guns, knives, computers, comm gear, vests, fences, barrels, bunk beds, lockers, and on and on. They've got super-specialized stuff and I've been told that they will soon be carrying a Halligan tool which is a special firefighter piece of equipment that has a pick axe, hatchet and crow bar all on one unit. The prices are reasonable and the shipping is only $1.45 no matter how much your order or where it's going, including Canada.

Also, my wife surprised me last week with the purchase of the new Hostess snack cakes, a few of which have been thematically linked to DC super heroes. They've got Superman and Batman pictured on the packages of their staple products, Twinkies and Cupcakes, but they also have created "Flash Cakes," which are essentially a cream-filled chocolate cupcake with red and yellow icing, and the oddly named "GLOBalls" which are essentially Snowballs, but colored green. What's especially cool about this is that they don't seem to be connected to anything but the comics. This isn't promoting a movie or a cartoon so it's cool to see these characters showing up just 'cuz.

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