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sherlockIn an astounding fit of timeliness, my wife and I watched the US premiere of Sherlock last night and I’m writing about it today  The BBC’s new take on Sherlock Holmes is being broadcast here on PBS through the descendent of Masterpiece Theatre. Set in modern day Britain, the series starts Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes and the soon to be Bilbo Baggins, Martin Freeman, as Watson.



As I discussed previously, I’m somewhat picky in my tastes when it comes to Sherlock Holmes (and everything else really). So while I was curious, I had only moderate expectations going into the episode. Fortunately my expectations were met, exceeded, and then some. The writing was tight, there was good chemistry between the leads, and the translation to a modern setting not only worked by actually added something fresh to the story. Only the attempts to visually show Holmes’ thought process left me a bit cold. That minor quibble aside, “A Study in Pink” was a great premiere episode.


If you missed it, I highly recommend checking out the online video and parking yourself or your DVR in front of the TV next Sunday night.

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