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Nerd Lunch: The Web Series - Episode 1


I want to make a few special shout outs here. First, there are two people who are integral to our being able to present this to you. When concepting the show a few months back, I felt like it wouldn't work if I didn't have someone along for the ride. Since Jeeg and PLee are 900+ miles away from me, that meant finding someone new. I could not be happier to have found the perfect co-host in Savannah from thetallytype.com. And, of course, we need a person behind the camera and for that we have photographer extraordinaire Scott Holstein of Scott Holstein Photography. He does a great job keeping us on track and making us look good.

Our first guest on the show is Blake Kandzer who is an independent comic book writer/artist. He was very gracious to share his time and show us his art. We staged our meeting at his local comic book shop located in Tallahassee, The Cosmic Cat. Thanks to them as well for letting us disrupt one of their Saturday afternoons.

We also took a tour of hot dog places in Tallahassee. There are more than you'd realize. We scoped out Dog Et Al, Voodoo Dog, and Chubo's. They were all great places. If you're in the Tallahassee area, I recommend doing exactly what I did and checking out all three.

Finally, thanks to Flannelhorn for the music, Bill Wiist for the art used in the opening, and Cordy, Christian, and Jeeg for doing some advance previewing of this episode.

Thanks for watching episode 1. I hope you stayed through until the end to watch the preview for the next episode. Episode 2 proves to be an improvement as we've been learning from our mistakes.

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