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DC Reboot: The "Marvel 52"

Actually, this post really isn't about the DC Reboot/Relaunch at all, but it is inspired by it. Stealing a topic idea from Comic Book Resources, I decided to do a little creative exercise. Essentially, the question is, "What Would Be My 'Marvel 52'?" The key word here is "my." What I have detailed below is not what Marvel would do, nor should do. These are more just ideas on how I would personally handle a Marvel reboot if I were given the keys to the Marvel car. I did get a bit of input from Jeeg and PLee, but most of this is mine, for better or worse.

Currently Running Titles That I'd Keep...

Alpha Flight
Amazing Spider-Man
Astonishing X-Men
Black Panther
Captain America
Fantastic Four
Heroes for Hire
Incredible Hulk
Iron Man
Journey Into Mystery
Ka-Zar & Shanna
Mighty Thor
Moon Knight
Silver Surfer
Spectacular Spider-Man
Uncanny X-Men

Old Titles/Characters That I'd Bring Back...

Cloak & Dagger
Damage Control
Doctor Strange
Ms. Marvel

The Offbeat/Odd Titles That I'd Launch or Bring Back...

A new team of mutants bands together working for hire, solving problems the bigger mutant teams aren't willing to solve. (Think A-Team, but they're mutants.)

D.P. 7
Reboot of the D.P. 7 comic from the New Universe. Integrated into the Marvel Universe.

Banished to an alternate reality by Reed Richards, Doom begins his journey back to the reality he calls home conquering worlds along the way.

A small team of U.S. Soldiers is assigned the tasks that no one else can do. They are The Howlers.

A present-day ancestor of Killraven foresees the apocalyptic future and begins making efforts to prevent it from happening.

Life Model Decoy
A Life Model Decoy goes missing and turns out to have achieved sentience and is on the run. (Or this could be a Human Target-like book. Sentient LMD goes around posing as important people and saves their lives.)

Reboot of Mantra character from Malibu Comics

Marvel Tales
Book devoted to telling stories from the past. Could feature Invaders and WWII era stuff or Marvel Year One stuff.

Models, Inc.
The mini-series returns as an ongoing. Touring models travel the world and must solve mysteries together. Occasionally guest-stars Mary Jane Watson. (In my relaunch this would replace 15 Love, but whatever...)

Monster Hunters
Relaunch of Monster Hunters concept. Youth-oriented, borrowing heavily from Buffy.

Nth Man
The Ultimate Ninja. Imagine a solo Snake Eyes book that featured a lead character who could talk. That's this book.

After a horrible war, the Microverse lies in ruins. On the edge of total destruction, an unlikely hero in Psycho Man rises to unite a team who will prevent the end. Starring Princess Mari and a couple other old Micronauts. This title change gets around rights issues with Mego. It also borrows a title from an old Epic Comic, but has nothing to do with it.

“Cosmic” book featuring new character who has received the powerful Sigil and must keep peace in space. Integrates a rebooted CrossGen set of characters into the Marvel Universe.

Strikeforce: Morituri
A scientist begins research that grants regular humans super powers. The method shortens the lifespan of the human. Set in the modern-day paving the way for the program as it becomes in the original series.

Tales of Suspense
Anthology title that is essentially a team up book between a top-tier character and a lower tier character or someone who doesn't have their own title. So, Captain America and Rogue might team up for example.

I like Thanos so I wanted to give him a solo book. Put him on some quest for something. Make Adam Warlock a recurring character.

After the Avengers breaks off all dealings with the U.S. Government, a new team is formed to operate in its stead.

South Bronx ninja streetgang, fighting guerilla warfare against the Nine.

So, what do you think? What on this list would you keep? What would you remove? What creative teams would you want for any of these titles? "What would be your Marvel 52?"

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