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My Cup of Cups Runneth Over


Having just purchased "The Thirst Avenger" aka Captain America Tri-Cup Coolatta from Dunkin Donuts, I decided to dig out all the super hero-themed novelty plastic cups I have. (Focusing on plastic here, not glass. Glass might be another post.) Much to my surprise, they were all from places I never/rarely frequent these days.

Most of them are Marvel cups and except my new Cap cup, all the Marvel cups are from Hardee's, a place I haven't gone in almost six years. But I'll save my history with Hardee's for yet another post.

Up first, this cup is "The Showdown" from the first Spider-Man movie in 2002. It features Spider-Man and Green Goblin. Of all my super hero cups, this one is the flimsiest plastic. Sturdy enough to keep and use, but isnt' as thick as I'd like. It's also the largest cup.

Next up, is this X-Men cup from 1995. It features Cyclops in a struggle with Commando (?) and Storm and Beast are coming in for backup. This was just one of four cups, I believe. I did not collect them all.

The following two cups are from 1990. One cup starred Spider-Man and Captain America as they took on Doctor Octopus. The other starred Hulk and cousin She-Hulk as they foiled Doctor Doom's plans. The "cool" thing about these cups is that they featured stories rather than just a single image. The bad thing about these cups is that the stories stink.

Finally, my favorite of the cups is this one from Subway. Picked this up in 1998. It Features Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash and the great thing about this is that the art is by one of my all-time comic artists, Glen Orbick.

I actually use all my cups. These are not on display. In fact, in rare cases, I don't think cups display all that well since you don't get to see the full image on the cup.
Super heroes on plastic cups is nothing new and my collection pales in comparison to others out there. Most impressive is probably this collection. This guy on Flickr has pictures of a large run of 7-Eleven Slurpee cups featuring several obscure characters. I should have reviewed these cups before doing my Marvel 52 post. I would have remembered to include Shang Chi as one of my titles.

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