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Nerd Cavalcade of Lunch Awesome


That's the word that I would use to describe my Saturday, July 9. And it's an appropriate word to use since I got to hang out with Paxton Holley from the Cavalcade of Awesome blog. I've referenced Paxton before. We were awarded a "Versatile Blogger Award" from him last September.

Followers of this blog or Nerd Lunch: The Web Series are probably aware that I live in Tallahassee, Florida. Paxton is located just a couple hours away in Jacksonville, FL. For a few months now, we've been talking about setting up an epic blog crossover. In the style of Marvel Team-up, this finally happened. Actually, it wasn't really in the style of Marvel Team-Up. Most of those issues began with the heroes fighting followed by them uniting against a common foe. We had the common foes, but not so much the initial fighting. I guess we did it wrong.

For this adventure, Paxton visited me in my city. As host, I felt it appropriate that we do both nerdin' and hossin' as to hit the two key components of "Nerd Lunch."

One of the main attractions in Tallahassee, though overshadowed by the Capitol and FSU football, is the Tallahassee Antique Auto Museum. It's owned by a local eccentric who has collected a plethora of items. The focus of the museum is the autos, but there is much, much more in this place. Some of it has merit, some of it…maybe not so much. I've been in Tallahassee for six years and had never been to the museum. I really had no excuse because for about two years of my time here, I lived just down the street from it. With Paxton coming to visit, I saw this as an opportunity to rectify a six-year-old mistake. And since this museum houses three Batmobiles, it immediately gains status as "nerd" location.

The Museum has been around for years, but moved into its current facility in 2008. It is a rather large facility, although, in spite of that it can seem like it's awfully cramped. That speaks to the amount of items featured in the museum, but also to the organization of it. Or maybe lack thereof. While it is often referred to as just the "Auto Museum" by Tallahassee natives, this contains much, much…much more.

And I'll be honest, I've never been much of a car guy so that works against me right off the bat. I don't already know the history of the individual cars and what engines they have and what their competitors were, and so on. While lacking that knowledge took away from the enjoyment some, what that building houses was not completely lost on me. I still respect the history and beauty of what was crafted in days of old. I can tell that these cars from the 50s were finely crafted with their heft and chrome.

From my standpoint, I had hoped for more cars from film and television. Three Batmobiles is cool. Seeing a Delorean--also cool. When my next auto that I'm glomming onto is a 1997 Plymouth Prowler because it was in NightMan, you could say that I might have been coming at this with the wrong mindset. I wanted to see the General Lee, K.I.T.T., or the car that Jim Rockford drove. For that, I went to the wrong museum.

That's alright though. As a collector of things, I can admire the collection, whatever it is. The sheer number of cars alone is impressive. Add to that the eclectic mix of other items and the sheer quantities of those things, it was actually a bit overwhelming.
The museum contained thousands of knives, hundreds of golf clubs, dozens of boat motors, and countless dolls, comic books, and other trinkets. Unfortunately, these things were just peppered throughout with no real explanation or order. And some items, such as teddy bears and dolls, were placed all over the museum, even on or in cars. To me, this took away from the cars, and I suppose the teddy bears as well. Don't misunderstand, I like teddy bears, but I'd like to admire a 100-year-old car without the distraction of one.

As a whole, I'd recommend a one-time visit if you have any interest in seeing old things. The admission price seemed steep and I got a substantial student discount. I can't see going back on my own, but I can see my dad enjoying it so maybe I'll go with him someday. I definitely recommend going with someone. The trip was much more enjoyable having a buddy to chat with.

Once we left, it was time for hossin'. Paxton made the request to chow down on Double Downs at KFC. I've covered them before, but I was up for one again. Although I suggested that we replicate the hot dog tour from episode 1 of "Nerd Lunch: The Web Series" should he ever return.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Paxton and I'm looking forward to our next "Marvel Team-Up."

Paxton and I are both making this an entire week of posts. Check out his very thorough post about the autos from the museum yesterday. He'll return tomorrow with more about the other odds and ends in the museum. I will be posting some additional pics on Thursday, and on Friday, Paxton will be talking about his lunch. It's going to be a great week.

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