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Are you a Marvel or DC?

Are you a Marvel or a DC?

It does seem that most people have a preference between the two companies. I do happen to like both quite a bit, but I did grow up collecting predominantly DC. Factoring in digital comics, I might own more Marvel books though. I have a hard time deciding between the two at this point.

So I turn to you Nerd Lunchketeers, which do you prefer...Marvel or DC? And, stealing an idea from our ol' pal Shawn from Brandedinthe80s.com, I'm going to give you a fun way to voice your opinion. At least, I think it will be fun.

I have 40 post cards that I'm going to mail out. Half of them are DC themed and the other half are Marvel. Email me your name, mailing address and choice between the two and I will mail you a post card. And if you send me a picture of yourself with the card after receiving it, we will feature you on the blog and Nerd Lunch Facebook page. We'll see which stack of post cards gets depleted first.

So, to recap:
  1. Marvel or DC?
  2. Email CT your name, mailing address and choice: ct [at symbol] nerdlunch.net
  3. Wait patiently by your mailbox.
  4. Email me back a picture of you with your card. (Optional, but I sure would appreciate it!)
 And hey, if you are not in the US, I will still send you a post card!

So get to emailing and tell everyone in the comments field which one you chose.

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