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(Nerd) Lunch Special: BK Bacon Sundae

I have said before that I think cream cheese is the perfect food stuff. I can't think of anything, salty or sweet, that cream cheese doesn't go with on some level. After cream cheese, there is a huge drop off on things I think work well with almost any other food. But second on that list is probably bacon. The idea of combining bacon with something sweet isn't new at all. I have long enjoyed bacon with maple syrup. But as a dessert ingredient, bacon is becoming more and more common. So common that now mainstream Burger King has decided to jump on the bandwagon and ask people to fork over their hard earned cash for a bacon sundae.

I don't always go for these novelty items, but this one had to be tried despite some level of trepidation. It's Burger King which isn't known for their ice cream. And besides that...it's Burger King. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Burger King, but gourmet food it is not.

Nerd Lunch lives to serve so I thought it was my duty to try this for America and let you know if you should give this a shot.

First, let me talk about the price point of this thing. The price is not listed anywhere on the menu at the BK I went to. Of course not. It's $2.50 for this thing in the face of their usual sundaes only being a dollar. So I paid a dollar for a sundae and $1.50 for a strip and a half of bacon. Without the feeling of needing to serve our faithful fans, I would have passed on this.

Overall, this wasn't horrible, but I don't recommend this iteration of a bacon sundae. There are all kinds of recipes and places out there you can go to try something that I'm sure would be better. Where this failed for me was the combination of the bacon and the ice cream. Not from a taste perspective, but a temperature one. The coldness of the ice cream made the bacon extra chewy and detracted from it. However, as the ice cream melted and I got to the bottom of the sundae where a bunch of the sauce was, the bacon was much better.

My ultimate recommendation? If you're super curious, give it a go. If it's a combo you are interested in but don't really trust Burger King, follow those feelings and find a better alternative for a bacon sundae.

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