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Nerd Lunch Podcast 69: Des Taylor

The Vesha Valentine Story and The Trouble with Katie Rogers 

It's a very special episode on this week's Nerd Lunch Podcast. While Pax and Jeeg both are off fighting bears and building robots respectively, CT is joined by Jay from The Sexy Armpit and together they host a chat with UK comic book artist Des Taylor. Des, known for his simplistic and retro-style of illustration, is the creator behind self-published titles The Vesha Valentine Story and The Trouble with Katie Rogers. He has also had several pieces of his super hero art go viral on sites like GeekTyrant.com, io9.com, BleedingCool.com and our friends at The Retroist. In the show, Des talks about his history, upcoming projects, his thoughts on the New 52 and who he'd want to force choke.

It was a great honor to get the chance to talk to Des and I wish him much success as he continues to tackle all these amazing projects on his plate. I was a fan before, but getting a chance to speak to him has solidified that fandom.

Show Links:
Des Taylor's Blog
Des Taylor's Print Site
Des Taylor's Facebook Page

As an extra bonus, here's a cool little video about Des:

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